Sunday, November 7, 2010

For Atlas, When She's Tired

It's all in the knuckles, 
You see,
And that knot 
In the middle 
Of your back.
As long as you 
And keep it still 
And taut
And controlled
When the water 
Starts to creep 
From your eyes
And your lip 
Like a mutinous
Little spy - 
That's when you have to
Squeeze tighter 
And harder
Just a little bit 
Because it's all resting
On you, 
You see,
And you won't break 
If you don't want to,
And if you falter
Then everything, 
Falls to the floor 
With a splash 
And a thud
And the crowd 
Just stares at their shoes
While you stand there, 
Shivering -

Just another naked girl
With nothing to hold on to.

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